Preserving White Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are among our most precious possessions and are frequently the most appreciated piece of jewellery we'll ever possess. At the same time, they are the most often-worn of our jewellery and therefore can sometimes be subjected to harsh treatment.

While all kinds of engagement jewellery must be frequently checked and preserved, the maintenance of white gold engagement rings needs specific consideration. A useful and sophisticated metal, it is more scratch resistant than platinum but can still fascinate glitches. It is the rhodium on 'white gold' that gives the gold its white color, but over three to five years, depending on how active you are, the rhodium plating starts to wear off and as a result white gold engagement rings may gain an unattractive yellowish tinge. When this happens, rings need to be re-plated, but gratefully this is normally not luxurious. Check out this website for more options on wedding rings .

You can clean your white gold ring pretty effortlessly at home in order for this not to become too much of a regular occurrence. The simplest technique is to soak your ring in a solution of equal parts ammonia and water for 10-20 minutes in a bowl. This releases any dirt and grime. Do not use a sink, just in case your ring makes a bid for the drains. After this soaking, you must use a soft toothbrush to mildly scrub off any lasting dirt in the cracks, before washing it with warm water and drying it with a soft towel.

Other protective measures that can be used for all kinds of rings and not just white gold ones contain storing your ring away from all other jewellery. This both defends your ring and avoids other jewellery from being dented by any of the stone's hard edges. Also, it is suggested that you get into the habit of eliminating your ring before you shower, apply hand cream or make-up, or prepare food, in order to keep your engagement ring looking cleaner for longer. In particular, take extra care when it comes to chemicals such as cleaning products, furniture polish, hairspray, and bleach.

It is so easy to forget about all these small things, particularly considering that most females wear their engagement rings all day, every day. Nevertheless, you must remember that the keep of your attractive engagement ring is not only significant from an aesthetic point of view but also for your engagement ring is a highly appreciated investment.